Let’s Give The Fear The Flick

Seven Sunrise... The Canberra Accord
There are those who'd like to shut us down... and crush our way of life,
They'd like to siphon off that spirit... that we've forged through times of strife.
The things we've loved and nurtured, for from the very start,
We were built from a part of every race... that's why we're a race apart.

We've assembled like an anthem in one big, sharp, national prick,
To puncture terror's bubble, and Give the Fear the Flick.

We've all had a guzzler’s gutful, of all this terror talk,
And I reckon it's time to settle down, and give the fear… the fork,
Just suck it in… the majesty, as the Maker had intended,
Let's refocus the fear, and re-engineer… the Banjo’s “Vision Splendid”.

See... our Nation's never learned to beg, to fetch, or stay, or sit,
And there's invincible Aussie armour tucked inside our terror kit,
Let's ensure we bring our searchlights, to bear on the fringe minority,
But adjust the score... when the sirens roar... from the ranks of the silent majority.
Now just take a look around you… let these mansions fill your eyes,
If paradise was put on earth… this place Australia would take first prize,
We've forged a global example, of optimism's glue,
The glue that welds us together... and together... we'll see this through.

So let’s keep the billies boiling, ‘cross this great Southland we share,
And let's put our hearts in the kitbags of our soldiers... when they're "Over There",
For sacrifice... is sometimes the price... for... "Beauty Rich and Rare",
So stuff the strife, let's just log onto life... As we Advance Australia Fair.
Robert Raftery©

©2005 Artroom Creative