Robert Raftery is Australia’s Picture Writer… the Motivator’s Motivator… Poet to its Olympians, and this country’s leading corporate balladeer.

Robert Raftery is a master storyteller, and writer of verse. He is able to bring an audience to an inconceivable point of inspired emotion, with classic pieces, such as ‘We're Goin' for Gold!!!’, ‘Why Do We Call em’ Wallabies, Dad?’, and ‘Black Magic – Green and Gold’; then on through an avalanche of tear and cheer, with the proven formula of ‘ The Power of the Press’… ‘Sayon Bloody Nara’… and ‘Dawnie’….(a celebrated piece on the life of Dawn Fraser, as seen on "This is Your Life")

Robert then proceeds to the classic finish, through a period of deep silence, as his tailored verse tracks the theme of the conference, or the ethos of the organization is performed, for example, ‘Why Konica?… Well, Why Not?’….. ‘The Tiger Woods Story’… or the lighter… ‘I Can’t Wait to get Back to the Workshop’ - timeless pieces classically crafted as the opening or closing tribute, and the cornerstone of thirty unforgettable minutes, with Australia’s Picture Writer – Robert Raftery.

The themed piece can be utilised in a myriad of ways,
framed and signed for dignitaries,
framed or laminated for delegates,
framed, signed, and auctioned as a fundraiser.

These pieces may feature first up as the kick-off, heart-starter, or prelude, to his iconoclastic colleague and co-presenter… the Corporate Impostor, alias Homer Papantonio.

Robert can also assume the roll of Master of Ceremonies, introducing the presenters in a personalised and unique way, in sensitively crafted vignettes and verse.

If your credo is all about the qualities of spirit, passion, mateship, and values that conduit in inspired emotion, book Australia’s most thought provoking and dynamic duo now. They guarantee that they’ll be the highlight of your very special event - the Impostor, and the Picture Writer.

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