Imagine… everyone’s seated… it’s the conference start up… the room darkens down… solitary light on the lectern. Unannounced, Robert Raftery, Australia’s Picture Writer performs your “signature story”, a spoken ballad delivered to accompanying vision… written especially for the occasion. …he then exits the stage unacknowledged… the audience has been connected with a single profound experience… a slightly mysterious but inspiring thread… that captures the conference theme and the organisation’s story in verse, embracing the emotional muscle at the heart of the enterprise. Framed or laminated, and adorned with sensitive imagery, the ballad can be presented after the performance, to executives and delegates as a valued memento of the occasion.

A dynamic thirty-five minute PowerPoint enhanced daytime keynote could include… Empowerment, Let’s Give The Fear The Flick; Enlightenment, as Australia’s Picture Writer dissects the classic essences from the lives of one of more of the great contemporary human super-brands… the actor Michael Caine, comedy’s king, Billy Connolly, US President Bill Clinton and the brand-master, Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson; Sporting Inspiration, the Picture Writer’s tributes to our Australian Olympians are already part of our country’s sporting ethos, with such classics as We’re Goin’ For Gold, The Keeper Of The Flame, Catherine The Great, and Dawnie.

If it’s a Rugby Union spin, his repertoire includes Black Magic, Green And Gold, and Why Do We Call‘em Wallabies, Dad?; if Rugby League, it’s The State Of Origin, or Puff The Magic Dragon. If it’s cricket, The Great Man, The Master, the Lightning Quick and the Wag or The Don. When golf, The Tiger Woods Story, and The Great White Shark; Self Development, The Athlete In You, You Make The Difference, A True Leader, CommunicationPersuasionStanding Ovation, Recharge, Regroup, Break OutWhat’s It About Awards? and What’s It About… Conventions… Women… Sponsors?

Topical humour… The Power Of The Press, A Tough Upbringing, Sayon Bloody Nara, or The Last Time I Spoke Here. On occasions, the conference close features the themed piece, the classic finale, designed, written, and performed especially for the event.

In House Scribe... A unique conference close can feature a classically crafted commentary that captures the real essence of the entire event... a moving word picture, as Robert Raftery describes the memorable components of your two or three day event. As the in-house scribe, he can deliver the message, the mood, the magic... the moments that mattered, those that made you laugh, cry, and think out loud in the crowd... your special conference story.

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