The Stone Walls of Windsor are Wailing Tonight
The Stone Walls of Windsor are Wailing Tonight,
The presses are dealing with death as they write.
While two little Princes were woken from bed
And told that their mother, the Princess was dead.
Our star ship's lost steering and its main guiding light,
The Stone Walls of Windsor are Wailing Tonight.

The fairytale Princess with a yearning to teach,
With the commoner's touch, not a "Royal" out of reach.
And now in a casket her body has come,
Draped in a flag to a "rum-a-tum-tum",
The renegade royal with no need for a throne,
For the whole world has given her one of her own.

And slow the gun carriage moves on past St. Paul's,
The planets at anchor around its great walls.
The Thames threads in silence the sad hearts of men.
There's a tear in the eye on the face of "Big Ben".
To her slipper of crystal the palace would ring,
Through her lyric of love she would teach it to sing.

In death joins immortals like Monroe and Dean,
For the commoners crowned her at heart as their Queen.
And all the dead Poets and all the dead kings
Who have written of love, and have ruled worldly things,
Through all of their empires where suns never set,
Will worship a Princess we'll never forget.

Now walking behind her are five men in black,
Wishing to Christ they could turn the night back.
In step and in mourning this vice regal wing,
A Duke and two Princes, a brother, a King?
And on through old London, the horses' hooves carry,
As a billion arms ache to hold William and Harry.

"The Stone Walls of Windsor are Wailing Tonight",
Our Princess Diana has left in the night.
The candlelight's fading on Elton's sad song,
Her beauty surrounds us ... can't believe that she's gone.
But she's left us clear searchlights in twin vaulted joys,
The flash of her eyes ... in her two little boys.
Robert Raftery©

©2005 Artroom Creative